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 Sunday 4th May 2014

The famous Dorset Knob In association with Direct from Dorset and the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) partnership have agreed to assist us in supporting the event.
The Festival will run from 10am until 4.00pm and besides Knob Throwing there will be additional fun knob attractions including Knob Eating, Knob Painting, a Knob & Spoon Race, Guess the weight of the Big Knob, Knob Darts and a Knob Pyramid.  and other more traditional entertainment will be laid on to make this a really enjoyable day out with a difference.
Free Car Parking 

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The Frome Valley Food Fest will run along side the Knob Throwing. There will be a the opportunity to sample, taste and purchase a fine range of foods including breads, cheeses, ciders, meats game & poultry, pies, preserves, and puddings in addition to chocolate, coffee and wine supplied by well respected local businesses. 

Last year, the event attracted around 5000 visitors with 50 local food producers taking stands. The response from these suppliers, participants in the Knob throwing, and visitors has been overwhelming and we are confident that even more people will take the opportunity to sample and taste some of the finest foods produced in the UK all available locally.

Cattistock lies midway between Dorchester and Yeovil and the event will be held in the centre of this picturesque village. (Link to map) The aim is to raise much needed funds for 4 village organisations (the Cricket Club, the Football Club, the Playing Fields and the Savill Hall) who are coming together to organise the event.
or call Kathaine Wright on 
07584 255460
For Stall holders information & to request a booking form
General enquiries please contact
 Nigel or Shelley Collins on 01300 320404
mobile 07967 939631 or 07967 900130


Pictures 2012


'I've thrown a Dorset Knob' Bag Gallery

stall holder 5

Dorset Knob Throwing 2011

  Knob Throwing Goes to London 13 July 2010 stall holder 6

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Dorset Knob Throwing Sunday 5th May 2013 – Prize Winners


Winners Name


Knob Darts

Silburn Daure


Knob Pyramid

Chris Savory


Spot the Knob

Alex Toms

K4 – spot on

No. of Knobs in the jar


221 – Exact Score

Guess the Weight of the Big Knob

Leanne Collins

1.644kg –spot on

Pin the Knob on the Cerne Giant

Simon Letts

G16 – spot on

Knob Walking

Kitty Sanson

68 circuits – clear winner 2nd year running!

Trophies/Shields 2013

R = Record


Knob Throwing – Gent Kevin Pembroke


Knob Throwing – Lady Christina Marshall


Knob Throwing – under 12 Lewis Bowen


Knob Eating - Dan Magrill

7 knobs in 1 minute

Dan is an urologist – so one could be forgiven if you thought he may have some experience J


No records broken this year unfortunately


Previous Year’s Winners R = Record




Knob Throwing – Gent Philip German_Ribon

26.1m (R) – broken in 2012

Knob Throwing – Lady Leah Stewart

20.2m (R) – broken in 2012

Knob Throwing – under 12 Solo Roper

18.5m (R) – broken in 2011



Knob Throwing – Gent Jack Guitor


Knob Throwing – Lady Leah Stewart


Knob Throwing – under 12 Solo Roper




Knob Throwing – Dave Phillips


Knob Throwing – Hannah Blatch


Knob Throwing – under 12 Matthew Rithie

19.8m (R) – broken in 2012

Knob Eating - Raj Rahill

9 Knobs! (R) – broken in 2012



Knob Throwing – Dave Phillips

29.4m (R)

Knob Throwing – Kelda McNeill

26.45 (R)

Knob Throwing – under 12 Max Nuttall

22.55 (R)

Knob Eating - Stuart Lambert

14 Knobs (R)

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Pictures of 2009 event   Pictures of 2010 event





All Photos © Rupert Cake and Chris Ould